Picture Book Scheme

Picture Book Scheme

Teachers design activities suitable for children according to the picture book. Students can enjoy the story plot and develop interest in reading. The scheme can enhance students’ communication skills, cultivate good morality, develop cognitive ability, and stimulate creativity.


Taking the Picture Book with “Hug” as the theme, teachers design different games and activities for students to learn helping others, caring for others, and cooperating with others. For example, students learn to express friendship by hugging in drama activity; students practice helping others in the activities of “I am the Group Leader” “Love Journey”; students learn cooperation in the “Rhythmic Music” activity.

《The World of Umbrella》

Teachers created different  learning environment and activities based on the content of the Picture Book “Mottainai Grandma”, coupled with different strategies to let students experience and practice frugality. Students think of ways to be frugal and learn to cherish resources. The activities such as “Waste Transformation”, “Designing Eco-Monster Costumes”, “Sorting Trash”, and “Conscience Alley” cultivate students to have good habits of contentment, cherishment and avoid wastage. 

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